Clerici Tessuto Spring Summer 2022 Collections

CTC Collection

The proposal of the high-end CTC Clerici Tessuto Collection for Spring Summer 2022 manages to overcome the concept of seasonal trends, opting for inspirational keywords such as curiosity, recycling, creativity and customization. The construction of the founding elements of the research starts from the company Archives, used as a resourceful source of images, samples and creative ideas and above all with the research on new materials and know-how by Clerici Tessuto. Exceptionally light and feminine materials emphasize the company’s DNA through romantic and modern transparencies and colors, with botanical weaves that recreate atmospheres of reassuring elegance.

Sophisticated fabrics with a fluid and organic touch enhance a new technique linked to chiné, where linen and cotton intertwine. Folded cotton and silk build fabrics for refined jackets, with geometric designs poising the alternation between glossy and opaque and giving dynamic effects. Light gauze with silk weaves and featherlight metal yarns cause effects of graphic overlap and contrasting materials.

From the collaboration with Parley – a world-class player in the recycling of plastics recovered from the sea – Clerici Tessuto developed a range of jacquard fabrics with a new touch for a polyester fabrics that are both innovative and contemporary.

Brochier Collection

The Brochier collection is confirmed as a reference point of excellence for Clerici Tessuto, combining research, know-how and technical knowledge.
For Spring Summer 2022 the focus is on printing, in the meticulous conception of the bases, followed by the study of drawing, in order to enhance its peculiarities.

The range of print bases is composed of multiple weight and blends: from the crunchy-hand cotton organza, embellished with techniques that enhance the specific characteristics, soft pigments that attenuate transparency, metallic effects and an optical flock, up to the weight and decidedly couturish allure of the raffia.

The jacquards offer ranges from the organza base in different weights with refined designs and yarns, ethnic or classic patterns revisited in a modern key, fil coupé and cloqué with embroidery effects. Enlarged designs enhance relief effects, tempered by the lightness of naïve and sinuous floral patterns.

Industry Collection

The Clerici Tessuto Industry collection expresses quality, variety and sustainability, as confirmed reference values that guide creativity and a technical evolution. The research is carried out above all within the historic company archive, full of books, fabric samples and vintage garments that represents a real goldmine for creativity and supplies. The sustainable offer is ranging from cotton, GRS polyester and FSC viscose.

The collection has been developed over 16 fabrics using 45 different prints and 30 different jacquard patterns enrich he collection.
The solid color section is divided into different varieties: the logoed bases, the glazed fabrics, the washed down with faded effects and finally a selection with glossy and metallic look.

Five macro-themes differentiate the collection by enhancing the variety of the offer.

  • SEVENTIES NOSTALGIA with feminine and bright vintage theme, rich in pastel colors.
  • FRESH & FOLK with an ethnic spirit, revisited cashmere designs, colorful ikats with a rustic look.
  • GRAPHIC ZOOM with bicolor geometries taken from vintage samples, that are graphic and fun, rich in bright and neon colors.
  • DELAVÈ EFFECTS summery and super colorful theme, with faded, discolored and tie & dye effects.
  • NAIVE BRUSHED drawings with “brushstroke” hand, naïve spirit and primary colors.

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