Clerici Tessuto SS 2024 Women’s Collections

We will be presenting our Spring Summer 2024 Women’s Collections at Milano Unica, Hall 12 | E21-E23 and Première Vision, Hall 5 | L30.

The new collections embody the excellence of our production, combining tradition and continuous research, in terms of innovation, performance and sustainability.

Clerici Tessuto SS 2024 Collection

The Clerici Tessuto collection for the prêt-à-porter market continues the path of integration between heritage and contemporaneity, mixing traditional techniques and innovative materials. 

The first theme, “Ancient Rome,” includes light fabrics and patterned transparencies, silk chiffon with opaque viscose pinstripes and degrading color shades, new fil coupé organza with lurex pinstripes, and gauzes embellished with jacquard designs.

The second theme, in-cut, features fil coupé fabrics characterized by research in materials and finishes, some in silk with polyurethane threads, some with floating effect threads, while others feature patterned hollows and carvings that are subsequently treated with textural foils.

The “Orientalism” theme is a refined interpretation of oriental decorations and motifs, with fabrics having special and elaborate structures: we find silk/cotton paddings with very pronounced reliefs and gauzes with transparent effects.

Finally, the “in-dream” theme features a varied and elaborate color palette, with decoration, patterning and a continuous interplay of elements that intertwine, overlap and blend in.

BROCHIER Paris SS 2024 Collection

Research and refinement underlie the development of the Brochier Paris SS 24 collection: rich brocades with classic designs alternate here with naturalistic patterns revisited in a modern key, fabrics ranging from bases of sophisticated organza, lamé faille and impalpable coupé georgette, to multicolored floral raphies.

The print proposal is rich in sophisticated basics, with almost iridescent organzas made textural by a metallic thread, crepe-paper effect nylons, and sophisticated cloqué ajoure silks.

We then find more structured and unusual fabrics, such as hemp blended with silk, impalpable lamé and devoré with a raw hand.

Industry SS 2024 Collection

Industry presents a collection with a strong chromatic and visual impact, divided into five themes, which feature prints, jacquards and solids, interconnected by the common thread of color.

The themes are “black and white,” “effects shades of blue,” “70s,” “ethnic midsummer,” and “small and feminine designs in pastel tones.”

The aim of the collection is to meet the needs of multiple markets, focusing on one hand on a wide range of designs and print bases, and on the other on product innovation and sustainability. There are about 15 print bases and they range from lighter weights to outerwear, from mesh and tulle effects to crepe effects.

A large part of the collection consists of GRS-certified polyester and FSC-certified viscose fabrics, in line with the sustainability path followed by the company.

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