Clerici Tessuto Fall Winter 2024/2025 Women’s Collections

We will be presenting our Fall Winter 2024/2025 Women’s Collections at Première Vision (4-6 July), Hall 5 | L11 and Milano Unica (11-13 July), Hall 3 | G16 -G18.

Clerici Tessuto Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection

The Clerici Tessuto collection takes inspiration from different scenarios and declines them in both traditionally related silk fabrics and innovative technical fabrics. We can identify four macro-themes:

  • Mother Nature – The labyrinth, a captivating structure where man shapes the natural world, is an embodiment of order and control. Within its intricate pathways, nature becomes subject to the deliberate intentions of mankind, bending to our desire for structure and organization. Yet, paradoxically, the labyrinth also retains an air of mystery, an elusive quality that defies complete comprehension. Its intricate twists and turns create a sense of intrigue and fascination. So we find fil coupé fabrics with flowers and plants that take on the likeness of animals, and silk duchesse satin fabrics with woods with anthropomorphic features.
    The labyrinth is a testament to the profound bond that exists between humanity and the natural world. As we journey through its labyrinthine corridors, we are reminded of the profound truth: we are an integral part of nature, and nature is an integral part of us. Nature is then mother-earth that leaves a mark, that digs, etches. In the matelassé fabrics, plant profiles become quilts, motifs engraved on the foliage make the environment almost mimetic for animals.

  • Rouches – The city is a symbol of transformation and passage, of movement. In this urban setting, we imagine that the wire meshes of the day, like the fences of some factory or industrial complex, as the day passes and the light changes, become golden meshes for the night.
    The wires left untied create and reflect lights; they are colorful and precious jewel-mesh.

  • Cloqué Fabrics – The contradiction between the visual experience of rigidity and softness to the touch is represented in the part of the collection dedicated to three-dimensionality and thus the structure of cloqué fabrics. The 3D surfaces present a contrast between swollen and hollowed out parts, visually rigid but, by contradiction precisely, soft to the touch and stretch for greater comfort and to follow the volumes of the body.

  • Technical fabrics – A section of the collection is devoted to researching new finishing techniques and experimenting with fabric as an experience. Indeed, in this part of the collection the user’s interaction with the fabric becomes important. Thanks to elements-surprises surfaces become a game, an invitation to try different uses and applications of the fabric, a tactile and visual experience. In this theme the hands are technical and snappy and the surfaces sometimes ultra-glossy indicating technical inspiration.
    The Clerici Tessuto collection through such narrative devices presents itself as a continuous search for yarns, weaving and finishing techniques, unusual hands and innovative treatments on classic silk structures.

BROCHIER Paris Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection

The BROCHIER Paris FW 2024/2025 Collection encompasses a combination of research, tradition and application of modern techniques to the classic.
Silk velvets, the company’s excellence, are revived with modern designs that are at times abstract.
Classic silk fabrics are interwoven with more modern yarns that together with lamé splashes create extremely rich fabrics.

The jacquard proposal, though a capsule, is very varied in quality and texture. We find chiné-effect fil coupé georgette, fluid satins with modern embossed designs, iridescent matelassé coupé and floral brocades in vibrant colors.

Prints are a treasure chest containing sought-after and very diverse bases: silk-wool double-faced lamé cady, organza with surfaces moved by bouclé yarns, silk-Nylon cloqué, lamé taffetas and devoré raw velvets are examples.
Graphic patterns are designed to enhance each of these bases to their fullest form and elegance.

Industry Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection

For Fall Winter 2024/2025, the Industry Collection offers five themes characterized by a selection of designs and fabrics composed of a strong color bond.
Velvets are the focus of the collection, declined both as print bases and as heavier jacketing or coating fabrics, developed in jacquard, chenille and gobelin.
There is also a more romantic part composed of fluid items, such as opaque viscoses and others with shinier and lighter textures.
Completing the Industry Collection are a selection of comfort fabrics and a more technical and modern part represented by plain fabrics, enhanced by special finishing and coating.

These are the five themes:

  • Ethnic and Leather in earthy, burnt and natural colors
  • Shock with strong colorings in shades of reds, purples and golds with flat geometric prints.
  • Deco with blue and light blue tones with predominantly floral designs
  • Petroleum/Chocolate with predominantly small geometric designs, skins and flowers
  • Green with Tye-Dye designs and shaded and abstract effects

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