European Flax® Certification

Clerici Tessuto has obtained the European Flax® Certification; which guarantees that the flax fibre comes from European cultivations.

This certification testifies Clerici Tessuto’s commitment to preserving, safeguarding and promoting a uniquely European agriculture and industry, its regional origins and its inherent non-relocatable know-how.

Cultivated at close-proximity, flax is grown in a wide coastal band of Western Europe stretching from the South of Normandy in Northern France through Belgium and the Netherlands : from Caen to Amsterdam. The only plant textile fiber originating on the continent, European linen cultivation cannot be relocated, its excellence is thanks to a unique combination : a natural, damp ocean climate, flax’s low thermal density, a rich soil and the experience of flax growers.

The European Flax® certification guarantees the origin and traceability of the flax fibres used for textile production. In particular, it certifies the use of flax fibres from European cultivations with the following characteristics:

  • no irrigation – guaranteed 99,9% by CELC,
  • a rotation crop, with no GMO,
  • low use of fertilizer and pesticide, with no defoliant,
  • natural field retting,
  • a carbon sink, storing 400 000 tons of CO2 each year,
  • no waste – all the plant is used,
  • fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical,
  • fibre production in compliance with International Labour Organization rules.

The traceability of the entire supply chain is guaranteed through yearly audits conducted confidentially by Bureau Veritas Certification [BVC].

The composition of the fabric is verified through tests carried out in laboratories accredited by the Bast Fibre Authority.

Certificate number: BVFR10485629, issued on 26/02/2021 by Bureau Veritas Certification.

For more information, please visit the European Linen and Hemp website.

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