Clerici Tessuto Fall Winter 2025/2026 Textile Collections

Clerici Tessuto presents the Fall Winter 2025/2026 Collections at PRECO Paris (11-13 June) Stand A28, TexPremium London (18-19 June) Stand F12, Milano Unica (09-11 July) Hall 1 | E17-E19 and Ideabiella (09-11 July) Hall 4 | D05.

Clerici Tessuto Fall Winter 2025-2026 Textile Collection

In an era marked by uncertainty and instability, our vision for the upcoming winter is both a hopeful message and an optimistic invitation to embrace the essential. We envision an aesthetic of simplicity that opens up new possibilities, where the purity of design emphasizes the importance of quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional artistry.

Our new collection features piece-dyed silk fabrics for shirts, dedicated to the luxury market, alongside minimalistic jacquards that have undergone extensive research in texture and finish.

For the cotton shirting segment, we introduce cotton blends with raw silk for a technical hand feel, and blends with silk crepes for textured surfaces.

We have explored the tweed theme, reinterpreting it through jacquard with feminine designs and innovative techniques, such as a technical hand and appearance suitable for jackets and coats.

A significant portion of our graphic research has focused on checks and tartan designs. These include wavy, fluid, and embossed tartan patterns, as well as fancy ripstops, which step out of the world of the properly technical ripstop fabric and are presented with gauzy wool yarns resting on cotton or silk surfaces.

Part of our collection is dedicated to experimenting with coatings and resin baths on classic fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and duchesse. This selection of new technical fabrics breathes new life into our traditional offerings, with coatings that add transparency and sheen, transforming both the hand feel and appearance.

BROCHIER Paris Fall Winter 2025-2026 Textile Collection

The BROCHIER Paris Autumn/Winter 2025/2026 collection presents an exquisite range of jacquards, velvets, and prints, all characterized by a blend of research, silk tradition, and cutting-edge printing techniques.

This season, our signature silk velvets take shape on both structured and round bases, featuring designs that range from geometric patterns to extremely feminine florals.

Our jacquard patterns and qualities showcase a diverse array of weights and structures, offering a wide variety of options: from mirelle jacquards with gauzy motifs to rich brocades intertwined with bouclé yarns, fluid lurex geometries, and organzas that appear intricately carved.

The print offerings complement this collection with numerous bases, from printed organza and cinzed organza to jacquard silk faille, fluid lamé bases with abstract leaves, duchesse with unique surfaces, and plissé that adds movement and three-dimensionality to the designs. We also feature plain silk and wool bouclé, which connect to the jacquard offerings through gauze finishes.

Industry Fall Winter 2025-2026 Textile Collection

The Industry Autumn-Winter 2025/2026 collection is organized into three themes, each released in distinct phases:

  1. Evening Theme Characterized by hints of lights, colors, and evanescences that evoke the nocturnal environment and the longing to wear evening attire once more after years of pandemic-induced hiatus. This theme is highly feminine and reflects the desire to regain visibility. The fabrics proposed feature dark or golden tones, enhanced with luminous elements, ranging from velvets to extremely lightweight materials.
  2. Day Theme This broad theme showcases a predominance of floral prints and fluid jacquard fabrics suitable for dresses. The designs emphasize elegance and versatility, making them perfect for daytime wear.
  3. Heavyweight Theme The final theme focuses on heavier fabrics, including those suitable for dresses, trousers, and coats. The prints are intentionally two-toned with simple designs, all interconnected through chromatic references. Additionally, this theme includes numerous jacquard fabrics designed for outerwear.

LARUSMIANI Tessuti Fall Winter 2025-2026 Textile Collection

The LARUSMIANI Tessuti Autumn Winter 2025/2026 textile collection is designed to create garments that allow the modern man to fully embrace his day, with a wardrobe adaptable to various daily occasions.

The fabric selection covers three main areas: coats, jackets, and trousers.

  • Coats: This section features wool fabrics with noble fibers such as alpaca and the renowned Casentino cloth. The fabrics include Mackintosh-like structures, as well as clean, plain-faced weaves with patterned linings. We also offer double-faced, pure wool cloths with jacquard weaves and mouliné patterns in wool-cotton blends.
  • Jackets: Focused on outerwear, this segment includes heavily woven trench cottons, both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed, double-layered cotton-wool blends for field jackets, and soft, round-appearance waterproof cottons.
  • Trousers: Our trousers fabrics include cotton or cotton-stretch gabardines with varying degrees of sporty flair, corduroy and smooth velvets in cotton and natural linens, and cotton flannels with micro-patterns.

Completing the collection is a range of garment-dyeable cotton fabrics with finishes that enhance their use for technical and sportswear pieces, created in collaboration with Tintoria Emiliana.

TexHomme Fall Winter 2025-2026 Textile Collection

The TexHomme Fall Winter 2025-2026 textile collection complements the Larusmiani proposal, with a distinct focus on advanced printing techniques and intricate jacquard weaving.

The collection features a predominance of jacket and outerwear fabrics, showcasing printed wool cloths with vibrant pigments, double embossed prints on cottons or wool-nylon flannels, and innovative stretch nylon fabrics with unique camouflage effects.

Our jacquard offerings include English round coat fabrics made of silk and cotton dyed in yarn, as well as double quilted fabrics with one side in nylon and the other in wool.

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