Introducing our FW 2018/2019 eco-sustainable textile collection

Clerici Tessuto, in collaboration with “Roberto Fantoccoli”, has presented at Première Vision Paris the first eco-sustainable textile collection, featuring beautiful organic silk and wool fabrics, GOTS certified, and next-generation 100% bio-based high-tech luxury fabrics.

Clerici tessuto has chosen the innovative EVO® yarn, produced by the Italian company Fulgar, to offer high-end fabrics combining maximum performance with high durability and little impact on the environment, in line with Clerici Tessuto’s commitment to sustainability.

EVO® by Fulgar is a yarn made from castor oil – not for feeding plant that grows spontaneously. A totally renewable resource that does not require high amounts of water nor subtracts land for human or animal food.

Suitable for any textile application, EVO® by Fulgar is ultra-light, super stretch and extremely breathable, dries quickly and does not need ironing, has thermal properties and natural bacteriostatic: a whole range of distinctive values and benefits that ensure maximum comfort and unmatched performance, while retaining an intense eco-awareness.

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