Clerici Tessuto Fall Winter 2022-2023 Collections

Clerici Tessuto Collection

The key words of the Clerici Tessuto Autumn Winter 2022-2023 collection are: seduction, elegance, innovation and passion.

Elegance is in the DNA of the company, a company that has always placed femininity and sophistication at the heart of its product. Seduction because the jacquard fabrics are made with patterns that highlight plays of transparency and opacity. Innovation is represented by the combination of a silky concept and a technical concept. Passion is the longevity theme of this company, the ability to involve a team of people working together for the success and richness of our products and the ability to continuously improve while remaining ourselves.

Transversal to these four themes, the collection has two aesthetic themes, which are:

  • a minimal and sophisticated aesthetic, applied to fabrics with very light and fluid weights, such as organza with small checks, duchesse with inlay designs, georgette coquet;
  • a concept of multicolour and large designs, developed on fabrics for outerwear and coats, with rich and elaborate structures, such as the new brocades in which the technical world blends with the traditional one and the fil coupè featuring tapes in different shades of lamé.

The development of plain fabrics has a dual significance: on the one hand we have continuity with a historical, sophisticated and silky world; on the other hand, diametrically opposed, the collection addresses issues of modernity, innovation and research, with eco-sustainable yarns: new textures, new combinations of fibres, new technical treatments with coatings, new nuanced dyeing techniques, new finishing.

BROCHIER Paris Collection

Colour is the focus of the BROCHIER Paris Autumn Winter 2022-2023 collection, with brocades rich in coloured lurex featuring patterns inspired by the 1970s.
Geometries and leathers with bold tones and shapes take shape on silk bases of various weights.
The excellence of Clerici Tessuto high-end textile craftsmanship is fully represented in the velvets, both the heavy and light ones in silk georgette, with extremely feminine designs and sophisticated tones.
The prints complete the proposal with classic bases revisited in a modern key, decapitated cloqué, extreme faille, laser and flock are the examples.

Industry Collection

The Industry Fall Winter 2022-2023 textile collection is lively and heterogeneous, divided into five macro design themes, which reveal its many souls, making it versatile and full of creative ideas.

  • Floral Theme: a selection of prints ranging from the most delicate to the most graphic flowers, the quintessential feminine theme;
  • Geometric Theme: archival, graphic, fun and hyper-coloured designs;
  • Animalier Theme: timeless and revisited in a graphic key;
  • Ethnic Theme: a mix and match of ikat, paisley and ornamental;
  • Tie & Dye Theme: a summer classic adapted to the winter season, thanks to colours reminiscent of camouflage prints.

The inspiration comes from old archive fabrics, old wallpapers and vintage garments, actualised and made contemporary, showing a feminine and ironic attitude.

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