Clerici Tessuto FW 2023 2024 Men’s Collections

Clerici Tessuto presents the new exclusive men’s textile collections for Fall Winter 2023-2024 at Premiere Vision, 5-7 July, Hall 5 | G11 and Ideabiella, 1-14 July, Hall 20 | C11.

LARUSMIANI TESSUTI FW 2023-2024 Collection

The Larusmiani Tessuti Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection retraces the classic canons of menswear, renewing them in the designs, colors and blends of fabrics.

An important part of the collection is dedicated to revisiting the English tweed world, with multi-ply twisted cottons blended with wools and then dyed, in order to get 2 or even 3-color muolinés for coats or pants.

The beating heart of the collection is the trouser or outwear cotton world, which represents the historical excellence of Larusmiani Tessuti. We find warm and soft cottons blended with cashmere or wool, denim effects with slubby chains and elastic wefts, highly beaten cottons that implement the proposal of technicians.

The denim part with responsive chains closes the collection, with weaves of colorful cashmere, wools and silks.

TEX HOMME FW 2023-2024 Collection

The TEX HOMME Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection invites the client to experiment with new techniques and new weaves, twisting the “classic” aspects with washed finishes that tend to swell the fabrics. We find a proposal of tubic fabrics in wool and polyester blends and in nylon and polyester, where these types of finishing will be clearly evident.

Prints are offered on multiple bases, from a particular wool and cotton fur, to a melange jersey velvet in nylon cotton.

For the outwear proposal we have a printed tyvek coupled with a cotton jersey, suitable for reversible kways, and compact and beaten cottons, where we have prints with a three-dimensional effect to the touch.

In the jacquard proposal we find a reinterpretation of woolen drapery, where we apply to the classic checks and chevrons, decorative motifs to decontextualize the classic and make it more streetwear.

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