Clerici Tessuto closes 2021 with an excellent performance

The Clerici Tessuto Group is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary, on the strength of an excellent performance in the fiscal year just ended.
In fact, the 2021 turnover stood at over 51 million euros, up 22 percent on the previous year and with an important return to profit after the difficult period related to the pandemic and the measures required to cope with it.

As stated by Stefano Bernasconi, CEO of Clerici Tessuto: “We are very pleased with the resilience shown by the company, which is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary with its eyes firmly on the future. Already in 2022 we would like to return to pre-crisis volumes, with a turnover of around 70 million euros, however our ambitions and estimates will be conditioned by the deep uncertainty of the markets and the macroeconomic consequences of the current conflict.”

The Group’s top management, with the aim of deepening its collaboration with its high-end customers and making its products ever more high-performing, is continuing to invest in research and development to finalize proposals that can simultaneously meet the sustainability, performance and aesthetic requirements of the most demanding customers.

“The perfect balance that this company manages to guarantee between safeguarding the most sought-after historical and artisanal workmanship, such as wand velvet and traditional chinè fabric, and the most advanced product and process innovations,” added Stefano Bernasconi, “allow us today to best support the creativity of stylists and product managers who find in us the ideal partner to transform their creative idea into increasingly unique and exclusive fabrics.”

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