Lorenzo Castano “Black and Tulips” Capsule Collection

We are proud to have contributed with our fabrics to the success of Lorenzo Castano, winner of the ACM Talents 2022 Graduate Fashion Show (Fashion Design Award) with its “Black and Tulips” Capsule Collection.

Supporting young talents is a crucial part of our corporate culture and it is a great satisfaction for us seeing such interesting outcomes for the project we are involved in. Congrats Lorenzo Castano!

The starting point of the collection is the Dutch XVII century, especially the beginning of this century, in which a real fashion has been developed for tulip flowers: they were considered symbols of power and wealth. The strict black and white clothes of merchants and noble women were in stark contrast to the passion for this flower. The most coveted tulips were those with bright streaks.
The icon of reference is Gloria Vanderbilt, an American heiress of Dutch descent. Her way of dressing during the decades was a mixture of what was in fashion at that time and her personal vision, in which high fashion, men’s suits and costume traditions meet. She coined the expression “Tabletop dresses” to describe her outfits, designed to appear in dinners’ photographs where she was often photographed from the waist up. These dresses had important and extravagant necks or necklines with a graphic flavor.

Photo: p&p fotografia

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