Clerici Tessuto celebrates its 100th anniversary

Clerici Tessuto marks its 100th anniversary this year and we have chosen to celebrate this important milestone with a major event that embraces the entire local community.

Founded in 1922 by Rachele Clerici and Alessandro Tessuto, the company has grown over the years in continuous transformation, adapting to market changes, adjusting to the different needs of customers and following the progressive evolution of the fashion world.

Thanks to a skillful union between safeguarding our historical heritage and a continuous push for innovation and research, Clerici Tessuto has become one of the leading companies in the global textile landscape, with a century of history now turned into a point of reference for the world’s major luxury brands.

On July 9th we intend to thank the community and share the achievement of an anniversary of great symbolic value with all those who have been part of the company’s history and who make up our human heritage.

The day of celebration will begin in the morning with a moment reserved for our employees and former employees, while starting at 6 p.m. the “Borgo in Festa” event open to the public will begin, during which Grandate will be enlivened by attractions, inflatable structures for children, games, musical entertainment and refreshment points.

“It is very important for us to share this moment with the city of Grandate and the people who have always constituted the social and human fabric of our company,” says Alessandro Tessuto, president of Clerici Tessuto. “Together with the projection to the international, we particularly care about the enhancement of our territory, which has been the body and soul of Clerici Tessuto since its foundation: a crucial part of this commitment for us are the training projects aimed at young people, such as the school-to-work alternation project that we have been carrying out for years with the Cometa Foundation for the Oliver Twist vocational school in Como.”

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