Clerici Tessuto has been listed as a Historical Italian Company

We are proud to announce that Clerici Tessuto has achieved official enrollment in the prestigious National Register of Historical Italian Companies, managed by the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce.

As stated by our president, Alessandro Tessuto: “This important recognition testifies to the success of the company, founded in 1922 by my grandparents, Rachele Clerici and Alessandro Tessuto, in standing the test of time, preserving our rich heritage of skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit for four generations. It is also a reminder of the responsibility we carry to preserve our heritage and business ethics while embracing innovation and adapting to changing market conditions”.

The National Register of Historical Italian Companies was created with the aim of showcasing and celebrating enterprises that have maintained their business activities for over a century, passing on their invaluable expertise and their values from one generation to the next. It serves as a tribute to the significant contributions these companies have made to Italy’s economic and cultural landscape.

“The recognition of Historical Italian Company makes me particularly proud in light of the commitment shown by the generations that preceded me” says Sara Tessuto, Marketing and Communication Manager. “Today, our efforts are concentrated above all in the area of training and in maintaining a perfect balance between the preservation of the most sought-after historical and artisanal workmanship, such as cut-voided velvet or traditional chiné fabric, and the most advanced product and process innovations. A prerequisite for any innovation brought to the company today is the contribution it can also make in terms of sustainability.”

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