Introducing the Beach & Body Collection Summer 2026

The synergy between swimwear and resort wear is the leitmotif of the new Beach & Body Summer 2026 collection, which Clerici Tessuto is previewing at MarediModa Miami @cabana (June 1-3, 2024). A proposal increasingly characterized by the use of cutting-edge fabrics, both in terms of functionality and environmental sustainability.

Among the swimwear proposals, recycled polyester microfibers and brilliant lurex microfibers stand out, alongside the traditional microfibers with both glossy and matte appearances, all rigorously OEKO-TEX certified. The wide selection for resort wear includes silk-inspired fabrics, such as silk/cotton and viscose jacquards, FSC-certified viscose crepe de chine, and fluid silk blend jerseys, alternating with more textured and cotton-like articles, such as silk/cotton creponne, GOTS-certified voile and jacquard gauze in organic cotton, and European Flax-certified linen fabrics.

At MarediModa Miami, we will have a preview of two themes that make up the collection, which will be fully presented at MarediModa Cannes (November 5-7, 2024).

The first theme is inspired by interior design: we find bold macro designs with unusual color schemes and patterns taken from upholstery fabrics and archival ribbons reinterpreted and recolored in contrast.

The second theme evokes floral interpretations with geometric details that make them fresher and newer: African art blends with Indian influences, creating fresh color proposals.

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