Clerici Tessuto SS 2023 Women’s Collections

Clerici Tessuto presents the new exclusive Women’s Textile Collections for Spring Summer 2023 at Milano Unica, 1-2 February, Hall 16 Stand F18/20/22 and Premiere Vision, 8-10 February, Stand 5H12 and 5J11.

Clerici Tessuto Collection

The Clerici Tessuto Spring Summer 2023 collection is divided into four proposals inspired by memories of trips to some of Italy’s most beautiful cities.

Venice is an ethereal theme of lightness and nostalgic transparencies, chiffon and silk georgette with fil coupé motifs and the insertion of tulle yarns to interpret the water plays of the lagoon.
Double crepon in silk – cotton with filiform designs inspired by the decorations of the city.

Milan, a dynamic and modern city, is interpreted with very compact duchesse and technical pique with silk or cotton blends, furrowed with graphic filet patterns, and abstract designs on a taffeta base of Parley recycled polyester.

Matera, the city where white reigns, has inspired a theme of jacquard cottons on a gauze base and satin fil coupé, where the technical and snappy finishing enhances the dominant white, interrupted by touches of intense and vibrant colours.

Capri, where the colour of the sea and the sun dominate, has inspired a development of fabrics with a vegetal and natural flavour.
The design with macro interlacing effects has multicolour chromatisms made with cottons and linens of different sizes for a final three-dimensionality result.

Industry Collection

The Industry collection embodies the younger spirit of Clerici Tessuto, in all its forms.
The macro themes are, as always, five:

  • Floral: heterogeneous and versatile, it includes a variety of designs ranging from photographic to two-tone;
  • Geometric: graphic and colourful, with references to the 1970s;
  • Ethnic: rustic, fresh, feminine, a must for the summer season;
  • Abstract: from tie & dye to large shades, with some optical references;
  • Animalier: from painterly zebras to graphic leopards, including conversational.

The proposal for plain fabrics includes a part of branded fabrics, designed to suggest the idea of personalisation to the customer, and a part of basic fabrics revisited with coatings, dyes and finishes aimed at distorting their appearance and feel.

Fundamental to the Industry Spring Summer 2023 collection is the Clerici Tessuto archive, a precious source of inspiration in the early stages of research and collection concept.

BROCHIER Paris Collection

The BROCHIER Paris Spring Summer 2023 collection is all about elegance and sophistication.
Vibrantly coloured floral coupé threads are developed on silk satins and gauze, creating transparencies reminiscent of macramé.
The jacquard proposal is a triumph of femininity; classic brocades and coupé organza complete the proposal.
Velvets, the company’s excellence, are inspired this season by nature and its beauty.
The prints complete the proposal with elegant and sophisticated bases, such as shappe with rustic weaves, linens and flamed cottons with wavy and irregular surfaces. There are also more precious bases ranging from organza to rustic fabrics embellished with lamé.
The designs range from stylised florals to ethnic stripes and naturalistic motifs that enhance the selection of bases.

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