Clerici Tessuto focuses on organic silk and on generational change

Clerici Tessuto received from ICEA, Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) for its fine fabrics in organic silk.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. The aim of the standard is to define world-wide recognized requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the highest standard in the world for organic fibers, internationally supported by several organizations that promote organic farming in the world: Organic Trade Association, IVN Japanese Organic Cotton Association and Soil Association.

In addition to verifying compliance with the requirements of the biological production of the entire textile chain (from cultivation to dyeing, weaving, printing, finishing, labeling and marketing of textile products), the GOTS standard asses along the entire production chain the respect of the requirements for environmental and social responsibility, in order to assure consumers that the clothes they wear are produced not only without the use of harmful chemicals, but also in working condition ethically sustainable.

The GOTS certification obtained by Clerici Tessuto involves its entire supply chain: Filo d’Oro, the only Italian textile supply chain now able to ensure the production of significant quantities of certified organic silk fabric.

Along with Clerici Tessuto, other three companies of Filo d’Oro have obtained the GOTS certification: Tintoria MCM, the dye mill Ambrogio Pessina and the printing mill Sara Ink, companies affiliates, subsidiaries or controlled by Clerici Tessuto & C. S.p.A.. The production of organic cocoons is instead guaranteed by the certification of Ongetta Srl, the leading Italian importer of organic silk and the first link in the Filo d’Oro supply chain.

“Clerici Tessuto represents the excellence of Como Silk around the world and has always remained faithful to its strategy, choosing to focus on high quality silk even during periods of crisis. Today, the market presents us with new challenges and we are ready to seize them, so we decided to invest in organic silk production for high fashion, involving our entire supply chain.” Explains Alessandro Tessuto, Group President, “For too long the fashion industry has been held on the margins of the debate on social and environmental sustainability, issues that should be central to an industry that involves millions of people, from farmers to manufacturers till shoppers in millions of stores around the world.”

For the Clerici Tessuto Group 2016 was a positive year which ended with a turnover of 67 million euro (65 million in 2015). This has enabled the group to expand the production capacity with the purchase of several new generation looms, the enhancement of the printing mill Sara Ink and the purchase of a stake in the Biellese dyeing mill Iride.

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