TEX HOMME Fall Winter 2020/21 Collection

Motion, speed and performance. As a new “Futurist Manifesto” the TEX HOMME collection moves forward into classic menswear fabric innovation in response to the rapid changes of the market.

The key word is “three-dimensional”: new structures moving the surface that is soft to the touch, light and comfortable. Both in print and in thicker jacquard, treatments are aimed at maximum comfort. Through precious special frames, Clerici Tessuto offers a range of velvet in a variety of designs, from the classic Prince of Wales to geometric patterns, lit with lurex threads or in contrasting colours.

The selection of high-end fabrics for ceremony and “after six” occasions takes central stage inside the collection, with performing blends of silk/nylon and silk/poly combinations: the specific work done on the nature of the plots generates different jacquard with glossy/matte gradients creating very different patterns like florals, animalier with macula and zebra like streaks, camouflage, checkered patterns and fractal-like geometries.

The research is focused on fluid and ultralight materials, overprinted with traditional trompe l’oeil patterns prints mimicking tweed, check or cheviot, obtain an extraordinary weight performance on the finished garment. Through the aesthetic research lightness is enhanced, working in subtraction. In the daytime section a big role is played by plains and semi-plains or crispy blends of poly-cotton and poly-wool for interesting textures.

For formal, the palette is structured around pure deep black, enlightened by luminous threads or combined with colours: the blue royal, the bright green and rusty red. For daytime the palette is brighter with ivory and neutrals.

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