Introducing our new exclusive Spring – Summer 2025 Collections

We will be presenting our Spring – Summer 2025 Collections at Milano Unica Hall 12 | D17 / D21 and Ideabiella Hall 20 | D07, from 30 January to 1 February.

Clerici Tessuto Spring 2025 Collection

The new Clerici Tessuto collection takes inspiration from the ambiance of the European colonial period in Africa during the 1920s. The palette, predominantly tied to earthy tones with subtle splashes of color, and the essential look of the garments from that era serve as true narrative elements.

This period is marked by formal attire, initially appearing quite straightforward but intricately adorned with feminine details such as lace and transparency. Each garment from that time is closely associated with a specific moment of the day or a particular activity.

Similarly, each fabric in the collection is distinguished by its designated purpose: crepe de chine with subtly moving surfaces or jacquard for shirts, extremely lightweight taffetas enriched with copper reflections, and organza with washed finishes. For jacket weights, we present duchesse with jacquard designs that carve like engravings into the fabrics, along with buttoned yarns that add movement to double-faced fabrics.

The collection also features a small range of technical fabrics, offering a variety of weights, from lighter options with special finishes to heavier ones designed for outerwear.

BROCHIER Paris Spring 2025 Collection

The BROCHIER Paris Spring 2024 collection draws inspiration from the philosophy of the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi. Starting with broken ceramic objects, Kintsugi highlights the fractures, embellishing them with precious metals and adding value to the item, giving it a new life.

This technique creates true works of art, each different, each with its own narrative to tell, all thanks to the uniqueness of the cracks that form when the object breaks, much like the wounds that leave different traces on each of us. The invitation to embrace fractures, difficulties, and changes is the delicate lesson suggested by this ancient art with strong symbolic value.

This metaphor is translated into the textile world through fabrics of high craftsmanship, a heritage of the company’s savoir-faire. Discover refined chiné fabrics presented in a modern and innovative way. Reinterpretations of classic silk bases such as duchesse, faille, and taffetas using modern yarns like steel, buttoned yarns with lamé, and fine cotton. Precious and intricate jacquards, including cotton organdy with cinched fil coupé, colored raffias creating virtuous weaves, and playful lamé stripes that resemble metallic armor.

Prints complete the offering with various bases featuring natural compositions such as silk and tussah with wavy surfaces, adorned with dedicated designs and finished with techniques that enhance their peculiarities and elegance.

Industry Spring 2025 Collection

The Spring 2025 Industry Collection features a variety of print backgrounds ranging from lightweight options for shirting to fluid weights for dresses, structured linen and cotton fibers, to denim and textured structures to add movement to the designs. There are thirteen print backgrounds with different weights and compositions to meet various market demands and requirements. The collection offers both jacquard and plain fabrics, with the latter showcasing different finishing techniques.

The collection is organized around five themes:

  1. BLU JEANS: In this theme, along with a classic presentation of overprinted denim, there is a selection of denim fabrics for trousers and suits, all in various shades of blue.
  2. VERDE SPERANZA (GREEN HOPE): This theme consists of predominantly flat designs, ranging from geometrics to florals. Fabric weights vary from outerwear to lighter weights suitable for shirts, with a focus on the vibrancy of green in all its shades, accented with bright touches of fuchsia.
  3. ETNICO CHIC: This theme is characterized by yellow-gold variants reminiscent of African colors, featuring textured fabrics, water effects, and ethnic designs such as leaves and jungles.
  4. BATIK: A theme entirely characterized by chocolate and natural colors, rope tones, and raw linens. Rustic bases with crackle effects and slubs that enhance lights and surfaces. Designs in a few colors treated with effects reminiscent of the batik technique.
  5. SUMMER TIME: This theme embodies the height of summer, with extremely bright and colorful designs, conversational patterns, landscapes, and effects.

TEX HOMME Spring 2025 Collection

The TEX HOMME Spring-Summer 2024 collection takes you on a journey through Southeast Asia. The shapes, colors, and graphics of the collection draw inspiration from the monuments and architecture of Thailand and Cambodia, reproduced on fabrics that combine innovative materials with traditional printing techniques and vice versa.

Within the collection, you’ll find transparent polyurethane fabrics with three-dimensional graphic prints, jacquard effects on cotton voile reminiscent of the geometries of the monuments in those lands. Warm and intense colors, finishes that give the fabrics soft and fluid hands.

Raffias with woven stripes on raw linen chains for accessories and travel bags are also featured. Finally, there are double-faced fabrics for lightweight spring outerwear.

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