Opening of new tess and BROCHIER showrooms in Milan

Clerici Tessuto is pleased to announce the opening of the new tess and BROCHIER showrooms in Milan, via Montevideo 9.

The new location of new tess, the Clerici Tessuto outlet and converter for small and medium garment makers around the world, houses a completely refurbished showroom, open to the public and to couture houses with a vast selection of solid colour and patterned fabrics and a stock service of ready prepared items in silk, wool and microfiber, updated on a seasonal basis, in more than 700 colours, always available in stock.

BROCHIER new showroom strengthens the brand’s offering to designers and architects in Milan with an elegant space that showcases our top of the range collection of interior design fabrics.

New tess fabrics can also be purchased online and shipped worldwide. Visit our online fabric store.

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