Clerici Tessuto’s journey towards sustainability

Clerici Tessuto presents its first sustainability report with the objectives achieved so far and the commitments made for the coming years.

One of the main challenges Clerici Tessuto must tackle today is sustainability. The company is fully aware of its increasing importance in the reference sector and society as a whole, as well as of its responsibility in the management and mitigation of the impacts the business has on the environment, community and territory it operates in.

For several years, Clerici Tessuto has been undertaking actions in this regard by offering high quality products to its clients, manufactured in a sustainable way, integrating social, environmental and ethical aspects in all its activities.

With this report, Clerici Tessuto intends to pave the way for its journey towards the disclosure of information related to sustainability. It will allow the Company to inform its Stakeholders on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) objectives and performances.

The structure of the report reflects key topics for Clerici Tessuto in terms of sustainability. The company has already started working towards the definition of its first materiality matrix based on international best practices. As a further sign of development, the Company has committed to implementing sustainable development goals in its strategy, identifying the most relevant SDGs in terms of impacts on the territory to make to the connection between sustainable development and the actions implemented by Clerici Tessuto more explicit.

The document is divided into five chapters:

  • Governance and business integrity;
  • The people of Clerici Tessuto;
  • Product responsibility across the supply chain;
  • Product quality and safety;
  • Clerici Tessuto’s focus on environmental protection/sustainability.

Download the report

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