Introducing the new Spring Summer 2022 Beachwear Collection

The beachwear and swimwear proposal developed for the Spring Summer 2022 Collection focuses 40% on sustainable and certified Bio, EVO and GRS items, highlighting how research – technical and aesthetic – and sustainability of the supply chain are essential elements of the Clerici Tessuto excellence.

The collection has been developed over ten different fabrics for dresses and four Lycra© in variable
composition and weight, plus a nylon fabric for men’s beachwear. Totally new fabrics enrich the collection, divided into two macro areas, a silky delicate one and another, more natural and rustic; particularly an organic cotton, an organic silk satin, an EVO viscose, two Lycra© GRS and a Polyestere GRS, to raise awareness on the development of sustainability in beachwear as well as resort wear. The research starts from shuttle fabrics for clothes and then it is developed on the matching swimsuit, that becomes a clothing accessory.

Decorative themes are divided into six groups.

  • TROPICAL ESCAPE rich in warm and tropical tones.
  • ROMANTICO in soft color combinations.
  • FOLK OR FLORAL characterized by geometric designs mixed with bright, almost fluorescent floral elements.
  • COUNTRY CASUAL is romantic floral, taken from vintage archive books.
  • CAMOUFLAGE DI GEOMETRIE developed from impactful designs and unusual combinations.
  • NON COLORE with graphics inspired by ethnic themes, winning over colors.

The Beachwear Spring Summer 2022 collection is accessible on the digital platform

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